Best Collectible Wall Clocks As Charming Home Decors

Wall clocks have evolved from being merely functional to becoming the focal point in a room. Decorative wall clocks with different theme mark every special moment of the day and increase the beauty of your home in an amazing fashion.

Each remarkable clock is inspired by something equally special: an artist or profession you admire, patriotism, love of family and friends, obsession with all things Disney, undying love for favorite sports team, or the beauty of nature!

Movies & Entertainment Clocks

Decorative wall clocks with movie & entertainment characters unite your interests, passion and style. From Star Wars, Batman, Spider Man, Wizard Of Oz, Peanuts to The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Kiss, original wall clocks are not only great conversation pieces, but they definitely set the mood.


STAR WARS Sith Vs. Jedi Illuminated Wall Clock


MARVEL SPIDER-MAN Daily Bugle Illuminated Wall Clock

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lighted Wall Clock

PEANUTS Snoopy Motion Wall Clock With Woodstock


Betty Boop Wall Clock With Light And Sound


BATMAN Classic TV Series BATMOBILE Clock


The Munsters Illuminated Musical Wall Clock


WIZARD OF OZ Wall Clock With Lights, Motion And Sound


STAR TREK Wall Clock With Sound And Animation


The Beatles Drum Wall Clock


King for All Time Elvis Presley Guitar Wall Clock


KISS Time To Rock Musical Wall Clock

NFL Wall Clocks

NFL sports wall clocks capture the spirit of loyal NFL fans every minute of the day and bring together the ultimate roster of lights, sound and motion to create a truly amazing timepiece for fans.

Green Bay Packers Fan Celebration Wall Clock


Dallas Cowboys Fan Celebration Wall Clock

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Celebration Wall Clock 

Disney Wall Clocks

Disney collectibles are perfect for anyone who loves the characters who have brought wonder and joy to their lives. From Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Beauty and the Beast to Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean, you can be certain the wonder and enchantment of Disney is very real!

Disney Beauty And The Beast Happily Ever After Wall Clock

Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Musical Wall Clock


Disney The Lion King Day-To-Night Wall Clock

Disney Mickey Mouse Through The Years Wall Clock

Minnie Mouse Motion Clock With Moving Eyes And Tail

Disney Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Wall Clock

Historic Wall Clocks

Our historic wall clocks recreate elements of the classic elements in vivid fully dimensional detail. The distinctive body style in a unique timepiece design will become the focal point of your home decor.


Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage Wall Clock


Golden Spike Railroad Wall Clock With Moving Train And Sounds


The Flying Scotsman Train-Themed Wall Clock


This Well Defend United States Army Wall Clock


United States Navy Wall Clock With Music


Budweiser Brewery Tour Illuminated Musical Wall Clock

 Illuminated Large Wall Clocks

If you want a beautiful and functional timepiece a large wall clock is the perfect choice. As much practical as they are a decorating element, these illuminated oversized wall clocks will categorically make a statement, and enhance the decor in your home.


Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Stained Glass Large Wall Clock

Wolf Art Noble Spirits Illuminated Stained Glass Wall Clock


American Spirit Illuminated Stained Glass Patriotic Wall Clock

Animal Wall Clocks

Animals have a special way of captivating our minds and capturing our hearts. To honor your love for animals and nature, don’t miss our variety of beautiful animal wall clocks.


Treetop Chorus Songbird Sculptural Wall Clock

Whitetail Deer Gathering Wall Clock 


Happy Trails Kitten Art Wall Clock


Silent Encounter Sculpted Wolf Wall Clock


Ted Blaylock Majestic Flight Bald Eagle Wall Clock


Al Agnew Mystic Call Leather Dreamcatcher Wall Clock