STAR WARS Sith Vs. Jedi Illuminated Wall Clock With Light-Up Lightsabers

It’s that pivotal moment when the universe hung in the balance: would the light side of The Force prevail, or would the Dark Side win the day? Instantly iconic, the climactic Battle of Endor is captured in highly-dramatic fashion in this collectible STAR WARS™ clock.

Price:$199.95 US

The STAR WARS: Sith Vs. Jedi Wall Clock showcases the memorable lightsaber duel from Return of the Jedi with intricately-detailed sculptural figures of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Their electroluminescent lightsabers crossed in a clash, they glow in brilliant red and green, against the backdrop of the Emperor which glows blue, watching intently. This collectible clock even plays the STAR WARS theme song for 45 seconds, every hour on the hour, or at the touch of a button!

Officially-licensed artwork is featured across your handcrafted STAR WARS lightsabers battle clock in intense detail, magnified by a sculptural Millennium Falcon that appears to swoop down from above.

The body of the clock is expertly sculpted to resemble the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer, and the face features the STAR Wars logo and traditional Roman numerals.

A handsome pendulum below, displaying the insignia of the Rebels on one side and the Empire on the other, and is flanked with hanging weights that resemble the lightsaber hilts of Vader’s and Luke’s weapons.


  • This expertly handcrafted STAR WARS clock showcases the iconic lightsaber battle from Return of the Jedi, with sculptural Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and the Emperor figures, hand-painted for intricate realism
  • It lights up! At the flick of a switch, the clock illuminates from within, and the crossed electroluminescent lightsabers of Vader and Luke glow in brilliant red and green while the Emperor’s chamber glows blue
  • Your STAR WARS lightsabers duel clock’s body is sculpted to resemble the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer and features a sculptural Millennium Falcon on top; the STAR WARS logo and classic Roman numerals define the face
  • It plays music! At the top of each hour (or at the touch of a button), the STAR WARS theme plays for 45 seconds
  • With precision quartz movement and a handsome pendulum, displaying the insignia of the Rebels on one side and the Empire on the other, flanked with dangling sculpted weights that resemble Luke’s and Vader’s lightsaber hilts
  • A must have for all STAR WARS fans, and makes a great gift of movie memorabilia too
  • Requires 1 “AA” and 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • Edition limited 295 casting days, so order now!
  • Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 16″ H; 40.6 cm H